How it works:

What is the "colour"ť in Color Me Rad?

Well, why should I?

I thought “rad” died in the 80’s.

Is there an age limit?

How do I colour myself rad?

What happens at the finish line?

What do I get with my registration?

Does this race have anything to do with Color Me Badd, my favorite boy band from the 90’s?

Can I bring a pet?

Where can I Color Myself Rad?

Does this benefit charity?

How and when do I get my packet?

What’s the difference between team runners and individuals?

Is the race refundable?

How do I protect my sensitive areas from colour?

Is CMR a for-profit event or a charity event?

What should I wear?

Can I just volunteer (Become part of the Color Bomb Squad tm)?

What about kids?

What if I’m Colourblind?

What’s the best way to photograph this bad boy?

How do I sign up for Color Me Rad?

I hate being litigious. How do I sign the waiver?

Where did Color Me Rad come from?

How do I get Clean?

Is this run timed? What do I win?

How do I join a team?

I’m lonely. How do I invite my friends to Color Me Rad?

How do I keep the colour in my shirt?

Can I walk and still be RAD?

How do I edit my registration or my team's registration?

What if there is bad weather?

What if I lose my login info?

My registration seems screwed up; what do I do?

How do I transfer my registration?

How do I switch teams?

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